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It's Sayonara for fans of Chris Brown in Japan

American artist Chris Brown was denied entry to Japan due to the on-going investigation by the police on his alleged pointing of a gun on the head of a woman inside his home in LA.

By Leny Lava | Sep 23, 2016 01:09 PM EDT

Chris Brown Performs In Frankfurt/Main
FRANKFURT AM MAIN, GERMANY - MAY 22: Chris Brown performs during his 'One Hell Of A Night' tour at Festhalle Frankfurt on May 22, 2016 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
(Photo : Thomas Lohnes / Contributor)

It seems that the sensational stories involving American music icon Chris Brown has no end at all.  

His tour show scheduled in Tokyo by next week had to be postponed after he was denied entry to Japan. This was brought about by an ongoing investigation of the LAPD on Brown.

It can be recalled that in August, Chris was arrested on accusation that he assaulted Baylee Curran by pointing a gun on the head of the former beauty queen. Curran went to the music artists' place for an audition for a music video and was threatened with a gun after admiring the jewelry of his friend.

TMZ reported that immigration officials from Japan "flagged the A-lister's name and denied his paperwork over the current investigation the LAPD has against the No Air artist for allegedly pulling a gun on a woman."

A Japanese consulate official revealed that their country has limited or no tolerance in allowing individuals with "criminal background and/ or open cases" inside their territory.

A person close to Brown, however, relays that he still has the chance to re-apply for permission to enter what is otherwise known as the "Land of the Rising Sun " before the actual tour or show.

The legal team supporting Chris believes that case is dragging because the police has no case to pursue at all.

According to The Sun, the retailer have assured Brown's followers that his scheduled tour have been postponed and that their payment will be refunded.     

Japan's refusal to let Chris Brown perform may not necessarily come as a shocking news to the artist since he encountered the same problem in Australia.  He was likewise denied entry there due to his assault to his former girlfriend, Rihanna. 




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