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WWE Clash Of Champions spoilers and predictions

The full match card is out and there are a lot of predictions of who's going to win and who's going home with a frown on their face. With the list of matches that is going to take place, this is going to be huge.

By Dean Edward Carayag | Sep 23, 2016 01:05 AM EDT

WWE SummerSlam 2015
NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 23: Seth Rollins enters the ring at the WWE SummerSlam 2015 at Barclays Center of Brooklyn on August 23, 2015 in New York City. (Photo : JP Yim/Getty Images)

Just a few more days before WWE Clash Of Champions and here's a spoiler warning since the official match card is out and here are some predictions on what may take place. Now let's list all of these matches according to FOX News.

Nia Jax Vs Alicia Fox

Nia Jax has been proving to be one of the most dominant women wrestlers lately in Raw by slaying each and every local wrestler every week. Quite recently, Nia Jax took down one of Alicia Fox's close friends and Alicia Fox is seeking revenge. Alicia was taken down in a match by Nia in a recent match in Raw via count out due to a tackle right through the ring announcer's barricade. Now during the kick off match, we'll see these two fight it off.

Nia Jax's streak on current wrestling jobbers is great enough to get attention from the audience. Another win against Alicia Fox is expected to take place here.

Prediction: Nia Jax wins

Sami Zayn vs Chris Jericho

IT has been the talk of the town and everybody has been getting "The Gift of Jericho" during the past few weeks on Raw, but Sami Zayn had enough of IT. Chris Jericho has been definitely been one of the biggest stars lately because of his substantial amount of gimmicks. Even though he has been losing a lot of matches, Chris Jericho has been shining more than ever and stays very relevant in WWE. Sami Zayn puts up great matches so this is one to look out for.

Prediction: Chris Jericho wins

Cesaro Vs Sheamus Match 7

These two have been putting up great matches during their best out of 7 series. With 3-3 in the plate, it's anyone's game. Cesaro has been taking a lot of injuries as well, plus the rumours of Cesaro moving to Smackdown live, Sheamus might just take the win for this one.

Prediction: Sheamus wins

T.J. Perkins vs. Brian Kendrick for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

After the great success of the WWE Cruiser Weight Classic. T.J. Perkins has been crowned the WWE Cruiserweight championship. Recently on Raw, Brian Kendrick took the spot for the number contender for the said title. T.J. Perkins is still on high temperatures after his win. His title is too fresh to be taken away this early.

Prediction: T.J. Perkins retains the title.

Rusev vs Roman Reigns for the United States World Title

Rusev has dominated each and every challenger for his title during the last few pay per views, Now he faces a familiar threat, Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns has won so much titles already and has been the baby face of WWE for quite sometime. It's quite the time for him to try out the upper mid card scene for a while. Rusev will retain this title to continue this feud further on.

Prediction: Rusev will retain

The New Day vs The Club for the WWE World Tag Team Championship

The New Day has beaten the all time record of longest ever WWE World Tag Team Championship, but it does feel like the reign is just about to end and no better tag team to take those titles asides The Club.

Prediction: The Club will be the new WWE World Tag Team Champions

Charlotte Vs Sasha Banks Vs Bayley

WWE seems to be planning something big. Having three fourths of the Four horsewomen in one match is quite the feat. Remember, Sasha Vs Bayley back in NXT was one of the best matches of all time. Could this mean Sasha Banks Vs Bayley for the Women's Championship at WrestleMania? Who knows? But this looks like the proper set up for Sasha to win so that Bayley will be heads on towards the title

Prediction: Sasha Banks becomes the two time WWE Women's Champion

Seth Rollins Vs Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal Champion 

Seth Rollins is taking his time to venture on his destination to be the next baby face of WWE. Though Kevin Owens just got the title fresh, most fans are very aware that Triple H can strike at any given moment. This is something Seth has to watch out for.

Prediction: Kevin Owens wins and retains his title

Most of these predictions were based of from Sportsind

WWE Clash of Champions will be aired live at the WWE Network 8:00pm ET.


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