The 31-year old Italian's funeral was televised last Thursday - a move that attracted both sympathy and criticism. Tiziana Cantone committed suicide after her sex tape went viral on the Internet. Her mother expressed her grief with her daughter's fate, as she seeks justice by urging the government to act against those who leaked her sex tape.

Cantone, a gorgeous woman, did not think of the possible tragedy she would suffer when she sent a video to her ex-boyfriend that shes her having sex with another man. Just after a few days, the video became accessible in different porn sites, after her friends uploaded it without her knowledge. The video became so popular that even the dialogue Tiziana made in the video became a favorite print in shirts, phones, and other gadgets of some people in Italy. One man even tattooed it on his body. For that, she became a subject of ridicule both in the Internet and real life.

Tiziana first attempted to evade embarrassment by filing a "right to be forgotten" petition before the court. It is a legal move that orders all search engines and web sites to remove inaccurate, inadequate and irrelevant content. She paid 20,000 euros for legal fees, but the video could still be viewed.

Tiziana's decision to commit suicide emerged when she quit her job and moved to another place but her nightmare still followed her - she continued to face mockery because someone recognized her in her new surroundings. Knowing she could no longer escape, she tried to kill herself two times - the second time took place on September 13.

Even Prime Minister Matteo Renzi expressed hopelessness in dealing with the situation when he said, "As a government, there's not a lot we can do. It's mainly a cultural battle - also a social and political battle. Our commitment is to try to do everything we can . . . violence against women is not an ineradicable phenomenon."

Her story would serve as a warning for others to become more careful with spreading content on the Internet