Another day, another glitch. Bethesda's post-apocalyptic RPG "Fallout 4" is a treasure trove of glitches just ripe for the taking. This latest glitch focuses on the Automatron DLC and allows players to circumvent the established mod system, granting them the ability to create any mods that they want without worrying about the requirements that they would usually need to meet.

Glitches like these are quite fun to take advantage of whenever they pop up. Often times, equipment - or in this case, mods - have annoying requirements tied in that the player must meet before they can be created. Sometimes they're related to quests, sometimes they're tied to stats, and other times they simply require certain materials to make. The requirements are simple enough to understand, though they may be annoying to meet depending on what they are.

Or rather, that used to be the case thanks to our latest glitch, which comes to us courtesy of tim-timman (the same redditor that tipped off Hey Im Starlord about the "Fallout 4" experience glitch).

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Enter the robot workbench with the robot you want to craft mods for.

Step 2: Either navigate below or above the mod you wish to create. In the off chance that the slot you want to make for is in the bottom or top slot, then go either above or below it, respectively.

Step 3: Here is when things get tricky: Press the left on the d-pad or Circle/B, followed by either up or down depending on where the mod is on the menu.

Step 4: If the timing is correct, the mod you want will be selected (the video shows tim with the Left Unstable Explosive Minigun).

Step 5: Exit out of the menu with Circle/B, and upon doing so, you'll see the mod is attached on your robot. Once you take the robot back to the workbench, you'll can use the mod as if it were any other you got through legitimate methods. Case in point, you just got the mod for free without meeting any of the requirements you would need to normally make it.

Step 6: Enjoy

The glitch is great for those who want to get all the coolest mods for their robot with minimal effort, or have simply become too frustrated with trying to do it the normal way. As mentioned before, equipment like this often have requirements attached to them that some just don't care to meet - this is where the glitch comes to play. Of course, like all glitches, this is bound to be patched out eventually, so be sure to act fast and get your fill before it goes away. This especially true with this glitch since as you may notice from the Reddit post, this glitch has been around for a little under a week already.

Here is video tutorial for the glitch if you want to see it in action: