Seafood is quite the delicacy in some parts of the U.S., and some love it so much that they're willing to fight and get arrested in order to secure a piece. This is exactly what played out on Saturday after a Connecticut couple got arrested after getting into a fight with another customer over some crab legs, according to police.

The couple, 45-year-old Clifford Knight and 38-year-old Latoya Knight, were arrested Saturday for starting the brawl. Police charged Clifford with third-degree assault and disorderly conduct, while Latoya was charged with disorderly conduct and threatening.

The incident played out at Royal Buffet in Manchester, Conn., after the Knight pair got selfish about their shellfish, according to police who responded to the scene. The couple had gotten into an argument with a 21-year-old male at the scene, but the situation quickly devolved and turned into a physical confrontation when the male was punched in the face and lost a tooth.

The victim's mother became involved in the incident and used pepper spray on her son's assailants. However, since police determined that her actions were in self-defense, she won't be facing any charges.

Clifford and Latoya weren't so lucky, however, and taken away from the scene by responding police.

The incident left the restaurant in a bit of disarray afterward. The building had to be closed momentarily while the Manchester Fire Department vented out the area, and then health officials later had to assess the building's air quality. Things went smoothly for the most part, though, and Royal Buffet reopened for business at the usual time the following day.

This isn't the first time someone turned unreasonably violent over some food. In September, a 24-year-old male was charged with elder abuse after he punched a 78-year-old man over some Nutella samples at a California Costco. Apparently, the elderly man had been in line to get a sample when the attacker cut in line and took all of what remained. The victim had complained about all the samples being taken, and the attacker responded by punching him in the face.

Clifford and Latoya were released on $5,000 and $2,500 non-surety bonds, respectively. It's unclear if either have attorneys, but both are expected to appear in court on April 14.