Well that's one way to make him keep it in his pants. A Florida man now has a bullet lodged in his testicle after his wife lost control and shot him during a confrontation about an alleged affair.

The wife, 60-year-old Victoria Reid, was arrested Wednesday evening in Rockledge and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault domestic violence.

An arrest report from the Brevard County Sherrif's Office indicates that Reid forced her husband of 16 years to sit on a couch at gunpoint as she confronted him about having an affair. Once seated, she threatened to maim him, kill him, and give him PTSD - a condition she also suffers from - in order to punish him for his alleged acts of unfaithfulness.

Her threats indicated that she was planning to shoot her husband in the face or chest, however it seemed she settled on traumatizing her husband rather than flat-out killing him, opting to shoot him in his left knee instead. But once she did, the bullet ended up traveling past his knee, up his leg and to his testicles where it got lodged.

No reports indicate what became of the man after the shooting and as of Thursday evening, there has been no update on his condition.

This isn't the first time a woman has gone through great lengths to keep her marriage in check. In a similar incident, a woman in Brazil also caught wind of her husband cheating on her. However, instead of taking her rage out on her husband, she took it all out on the mistress. The whole incident was caught on camera, where viewers could see the wife beating up the mistress, dragging her out of the apartment and through the city streets before taking her to a bridge and - with the help of a friend - throwing her into a body of water below. The mistress was fine after the thrashing but she certainly learned her lesson.

No doubt the man learned his lesson in this case as well. In the meantime, Reid remains in custody at the Brevard County Jail where she awaits a court appearance.