Google is reportedly eyeing prescription lenses to be added into its internet connected eyewear and is currently in talks with VSP Global to make that happen.

Google is focusing a lot of attention on improving its futuristic wearable tech considering the hype and demand the Glass has been getting of late. The web giant has slowly been expanding the reach of its Glass to more users with new advances every passing day. In March, the web giant revealed its plans to integrate prescription lenses in Google Glass and the same was reiterated earlier this month by the company's senior development advocate Timothy Jordan.

 According to a latest report from the Wall Street Journal, VSP Global, renowned national vision care provider that also experiments with frames and lenses, is currently in talks with Google for developing prescription lenses and fashionable frames for the Glass.

"Down the road I think this technology is going to blow up," Matt Alpert, a California optometrist on the VSP Global board and a Glass Explorer, told the Journal. "As soon as apps are developed that are relevant for your world, it will start to take off."

Google is gearing up for its next edition of the Internet-connected eyewear. Last month, the company revealed that current Explorers could introduce three friends who can shell out $1,500 and get a Glass for themselves, in addition to a free swap. The updated hardware in the next edition will "allow your Glass to work with future lines of shades and prescription frames, and will also include a mono earbud." This is something worth looking out for.

Google has not commented on its developing relationship with VSP, and we are assuming it is because the discussions are in early stages.