Zalec is a Slovenian town of 4,800 whose main claim to fame is their fields and fields of hops, one of the main ingredients in most beers. It's located in the valley of the Savinja River, often referred to as the "valley of green gold" for its valuable hop plantations, reported Time. Beer is culturally and culinarily significant in Zalec, as well as in Slovenia in general, so in an attempt to draw tourism to the small town, plans are now underway to build a public beer fountain, reported Metro.

Unfortunately, by "fountain," they don't mean the kind in the center of a mall that passers-by could jump into and frolic in while drinking free beer. Zalec's public beer fountain is set to be composed of many adjacent self-serve taps that each contain a different local Slovenian beer. Each 10.5-oz. mug of beer will cost around $6.75, and you'll get to keep a commemorative mug, reported Time.

Janko Kos, the city's mayor, is certain that this big project will draw thousands of money-spending tourists. "It's true the fountain won't be cheap, but it's a development project, a tourism product," said Kos, according to the BBC. The fountain will cost around $400,000 to make.

Walking from tap to tap, sampling beers and relaxing in the sun sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon, so although the project doesn't have a set completion date, as soon as it's done, tourists are sure to flood the streets of tiny Zalec.