Jun's Kitchen is the cooking YouTube channel belonging to a Japanese cook named Jun Yoshizuki and his sous-chef, an orange cat named Kohaku. He's the cuddliest sous-chef in the world, said Eater. Yoshizuki's videos are crisp and clean, and his recipes are all posted in the videos' descriptions. Check him out on Instagram to see what he's cooking and what Kohaku is up to!

In the videos, Kohaku comes with Yoshizuki to the market, and upon their return home, the cat keeps a watchful eye from on top of the fridge or the stove as his owner cooks up the day's masterpiece, reported Grapee. He also sniffs the ingredients to check for freshness.

In the video below, he teaches us to make Omurice, a Japanese omelette dish that is super flavorful and probably new to most American viewers. Omurice is rice sauteed with chicken and demi-glace sauce, shaped into a little boat and topped with a perfect omelette.

Here, you can see as Yoshizuki makes amazingly beautiful sushi shaped like Koi fish. Again, Kohaku comes along to the market riding in a motorcycle.

He makes Chicken Nanban, again with Kohaku's company.

Yshizuki and his wife Rachel also run another YouTube channel called My Husband is Japanese, and they update their followers on their lives on their Facebook page and their Twitter. They also post whenever Yoshizuki uploads a cooking video to Jun's Kitchen.