Burger King continues to come up with new ideas for its food products, this time introducing a new color for its burgers in Japan.

The fast food chain will soon be selling a bright red cheeseburger called the "Aka" Burger ("aka" means "red"), which will be available in two forms: the Aka Samurai Chicken and the Aka Samurai Beef, according to The Wall Street Journal. These sandwiches come with red buns, red cheese and red hot sauce.

The new burgers achieve their color thanks to the addition of tomato powder to their buns and cheese.

The hot sauce, which Burger King Japan calls an "ANGRY sauce," is made with chili peppers and chili paste, Kotaku reported.

The Aka burger's debut follows one year after Burger King Japan introduced its black hamburger, WSJ reported. The company said it is adding a new member to this lineup, which currently includes the Kuro Pearl Burger and Kuro Diamond Burger.

Burger King will start selling the Aka Samurai Chicken Burger and Aka Samurai Beef Burger at its Japanese locations on July 3 for $4.36 and $5.57, respectively. The new black burger, called Kuro Shogun Burger, will be available starting Aug. 21 for $5.59.