As the Super Bowl nears, fans are making sure that whether they view Super Bowl 50 at home or in the stadium, they will be geared up before, during and after the big game. For those at home, preparations include Super Bowl food recipes for everyone to share, as well as getting the furry friends ready to serve as personal mascots, just like these Super Bowl-ready pets.

Of course, making sure that the HDTV is geared up for the Super Bowl experience is top priority. And taking off from the importance of providing maximum Super Bowl experience for those at home, Microsoft teamed up with the NFL to showcase the possibility of using the HoloLens to let fans at home experience the game beyond HDTV - on their walls or coffee tables - in 3-D and with the chance to zoom in or replay in slow motion, according to CNet.

No, this technology is not yet available, although the HoloLens already is. For the video, Microsoft used a game between Seattle and San Francisco at Levi's Stadium earlier this year, placing 3-D capable cameras throughout the stadium that can be activated through a phone app or through the movement of hands in front of the HoloLens, according to Associated Press.

Microsoft is known to have already teamed up with NFL to provide players with Surface Pro 3 tablets at the sidelines, which they use to replay the most recent plays of an ongoing game. Hence, the enthusiasm of both parties about the possibility of creating the HoloLens Super Bowl experience is not much of a surprise, according to PC World.

"If you could ever put a fan in that position it would completely open their eyes to a whole new realm of what professional football is. It's really cool watching on TV; it's really cool watching in the stadium. I'm sure we will get to the point where they are able to experience it that way and it will be like a light bulb went on," said Drew Brees, New Orleans' quarterback, Associated Press added.