Microsoft recently hosted this year's Build developer's conference, where it showed off a number of developments, including a number of apps for the company's new augmented reality wearable technology: the HoloLens. 

Alex Kipman, the designer behind the HoloLens, said the device made its debut "less than 100 days ago." Unlike augmented headsets like the Oculus Rift (which fully immerses a user in the interface), the HoloLens takes a different approach and uses the surrounding environment as a platform to host a variety of apps and programs. As The Verge notes"There are apps running on walls. A hologram dog on the floor. There are holograms everywhere. This looks like a personal space you can customize. Literally a beach with weather information sitting on the coffee table. There's even a holographic Start Menu!"

Kipman also made sure to emphasize the lack of wires during the presentation, saying it connects to the operational PC via a wireless connection. This lets users wander around their home while using the device. He also mentioned that "Microsoft is partnering with NASA, Unity, Legendary, Autodesk, Walt Disney Company, and lots more for HoloLens."

The HoloLens presentation also showed viewers how the technology could be used to interface with a robot.

While all of this technology sound really cool, The Verge pointed out that "we're still seeing the ideas in a very controlled environment." In other words, it's unclear how many of the apps displayed here will come to the market or how effective they will be in the everyday person's home. 

Microsoft promises that while the HoloLens won't be available at the same time as Windows 10's official release, it will release the device during the OS's run.