Taeyeon just dropped the music video for "Rain," which marks her first solo comeback, and as usual, she fascinated fans with her charisma, genuine emotions and vocal prowess.

Unlike the vocally challenging "I," which was shot in New Zealand and tells the story of a girl who breaks free, "Rain" is melancholic, laid-back and was shot indoors.

The new song showcases Taeyeon's ability to communicate sad emotions and affect the audience with her singing voice.

The aesthetics of the video are exceptionally beautiful. Vibrant objects and crystals play contrast to the dark room, and water elements give the room a serene ambiance, reports Soompi.

Taeyeon's short and alluring hairstyle matches her laid-back outfits.

Barely 24 hours after release, the song reached all-kill status in the charts. The achievement is impressive but unsurprising since Taeyeon's first single was also an overachiever, reports All Kpop.

See the video below: