There's no need to spend a lot for Valentine's Day. After all, it's the thought that always counts. Here are some of the best inexpensive ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day:

1) Stick with chocolates your significant other loves.

Gourmet chocolates are tempting to buy especially when you want to make a mark by giving something special. However, your wife or girlfriend might not like what's in the box and you could end up spending money on something she won't eat. Better stick with tried and tested chocolates you know she loves and then make the packaging extra special. How about wrapping the chocolates with a scarf or handkerchief? A vintage handkerchief from Etsy will hit the sweet spot.

2) Surprise your partner at work by bringing their favorite meal for lunch.

Your partner will likely appreciate the gesture more than the meal and you won't have to spend a lot as opposed to actually going out, getting dressed, driving to the restaurant and paying the valet or tipping the service crew afterwards. Those little extras can add up. However, if you want to get more points for making an extra effort, why not surprise your partner with a meal you've prepared yourself? Don't forget the dessert!

3) Pour your heart out with Post-it notes.

Post-it pads cost an average of $6 to $10 at Office Depot and you won't need more than one in a pack for this. Write down what you want to say on each of the notes and then stick them on her bedroom mirror. Design the postings in a heart shape or spell out a word to make it more creative.

4) Travel to a nearby place you've never been before.

Use the cheapest transportation and go on a weekend adventure. Part of having fun together is exploring a new place near where you live. It's actually one of HNGN's suggestion for rekindling your relationship in 2016.

5) Go with a rosebush instead of a rose bouquet.

What better way to express your undying love than purchasing a plant that blooms the most popular flower on Valentine's Day year after year? Take note that bouquets are a lot more expensive this time of the year, but rose bushes aren't. There are selections of rose bushes at Amazon or Walmart, but you can scour local gardens for other varieties. Not sure which type of roses to pick? Don't be intimated! Some great ideas for planting the easiest roses to care for are on Better Homes and Gardens. You and your partner can nurture the bush together in your backyard plant nursery. It's a commitment that goes beyond Valentine's Day.