While Valentine's Day is usually celebrated by giving women chocolates, flowers and gifts along with dinner dates, some countries observe this day of love quite differently. Below are some unusual Valentine's Day traditions observed across the world:

1) Brazil

Brazil has another special event happening in February called the Carnival, thus couples wait until the Day of Lovers (Dia dos Namorados) to celebrate love's day on June 12, according to Rio Times Online. As part of the ritual, single ladies write eligible bachelors' names on a pieces of paper the night before. On June 12, the women open one piece of paper to determine the man they should marry, according to Latina.

2) Japan

In Japan, it's the men who get wooed on Valentine's Day with chocolates! "Giri-choco" is given to male friends, co-workers and colleagues and it's considered a non-romantic gesture, while "Honmei-choco" is given to a boyfriend, husband or one's true love, according to Only In Japan. On March 14, the men return the favor and give the women chocolates, flower and candies. It's known as "White Day."

3) South Korea

The Asian country follows similar traditions as Japan, except singles have "Black Day," which is celebrated on April 14, two months post-Valentine's Day and one month after White Day. "But it's not a serious thing. You just get a chance to gather with your friends and just eat and enjoy and celebrate the time," said Kimyo Kim via Forbes.

4) Denmark and Norway

Men send the ladies anonymous cards for Valentine's called the "gaekkebrev" and the women are supposed to guess the sender. The cards are signed with dots, not names. If she gets it right, she will receive a special egg come Easter, according to Go Scandinavia.

5) Germany

Valentine's Day in Germany also features images of pigs, aside from hearts and flowers. The pig is supposed to symbolize luck and lust, according to Journey to Germany.