PlayStation 4 is reportedly heavily trouncing Xbox One in sales after an Electronics Arts (EA) executive unwittingly revealed respective sales figures in a recent quarterly earnings call with the game developer's investors.

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen reported the estimated console purchases for 2015. "Our estimate is 55 million units out there which has exceeded virtually everyone's forecast for the year and now almost 50 percent higher than previous console cycle so, all of that is very, very positive," Jorgensen was quoted as saying in a Eurogamer report. "All the gameplay we're seeing and the engagement and things like Ultimate Team we're seeing is positive."

Although that piece of information did not reference Xbox One's sales figure, it served as the missing link to determine the sales of the console since Microsoft maintains the policy of never releasing its sales data. Several weeks ago, Sony declared that the PS4 console sold a total of 36 million as of Jan. 3, as HNGN previously reported. If this figure is deducted to the overall console sales as revealed by Jorgensen, Xbox is left with a measly 19 million install base. This means that PS4 is outselling the Xbox One by around 89 percent.

While the comparative data seems troublesome for Microsoft, the company was reportedly pleased with Xbox One's sales performance. The reason for this is that the latest platform is said to be performing better in the market than its predecessor at this point in its life, according to iDigital Times.