The world's highest and longest glass-bottom bridge is set to open in China in just a few months.

Located in China's Hunan province in the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, the bridge was expected to be finished in 2015, but the official opening is currently set for May of this year, according to CNN

The bridge will be 430 meters long, six meters wide and has an 800-person capacity.  The bridge will have two side steel beams and side-hanging cables. Workers have also installed the first piece of glass for the bottom, which is meant to minimise disruption to the scenery, BBC News reported.

"I believe in nature, harmony, balance and beauty. Nature is beautiful as is," said Haim Dotan, the architect who designed the bridge. "The Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge was designed to be invisible as possible - a white bridge disappearing into the clouds."  

The bridge, which cost an estimated $39 million to build, has been designed to withstand high winds, earthquakes and frost, The International Business Times reported.

The grand canyon that the bridge has been built over has been said to inspire James Cameron's 2009 film "Avatar."