It's an exciting time to be a Doctor Who fan. Peter Capaldi was just named the actor who will play the 12 incarnation of the famous science fiction hero. Meanwhile the 10th and 11th actors are going to join forces on Nov. 23 for a 50th anniversary special that will feature David Tennant and Matt Smith on screen as their respective Doctors taking on a mysterious incarnation of the character who we are led to believe fought in the time war. Now, it appears Jon Hurt's character has been revealed in a new 6:30 minute minisode video.

With Doctor's 10, 11, 12 and a mystery incarnation floating around the whoniverse these days it seems like the public is overloaded with Doctors. However, as any Who fan will tell you there is simply no such thing as too many Doctors. Now the 8th Doctor, played by Paul McGann, has returned to answer a mystery that has plagued Doctor Who fans for years - How did the eighth Doctor die and regenerate?

**SPOILERS AHEAD: if you haven't watched the video, do so now before you continue reading.**

It appears the eighth Doctor was a peaceful objector to the Time War between the Doctor's race and the infamous Daleks. However, when trying to save the brave pilot of a crashing ship she refused to go with him because he was a Time Lord. The ship crashed and the Doctor was given a chance to regenerate into whatever he needed to be in order to end the Time War.

The mysterious women offer the Doctor some kind of potion based on accelerated Time Lord science that can help him skip the randomness of regenerating and become whatever he needs to be. He chooses a Warrior - John Hurt.

What still remains an unanswered question, that will probably be answered in the upcoming 50th anniversary special, is how the John Hurt character turns into Christopher Eccleston's 9th Doctor.

Check out the fully canon minisode below and tell us what you think about the updated story for the eighth Doctor and his decision to become a Time Warrior and abandon being a Doctor.