'Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag' Wiki: HOW To Complete 4 Havana Assassin Contracts Without Causing Excessive Notoriety (WATCH)

Nov 12, 2013 04:49 PM EST
Assassin's Creed
When going about the Assassin Contracts in "Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag", being stealth in your hit-man ways will earn your more Reales.

With more than 80 hours of open-world gameplay in "Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag," you'll find there are plenty of interesting things to do in the Caribbean, including playing a hit-man for a bit.

You will find carrier pigeons with Assassin Contracts in random cages throughout the game. They're relatively easy to find and great if you're looking to make some quick money without having explore the high seas.

A great place to start the contracts is in Havana, but you want to make sure you're using Assassin training. You don't want to cause notoriety because getting involved in open combat will earn you less Reales. However, opening conflict is sometimes your best option in order to complete the mission.

Check out the best ways to complete the Havana contracts below by name, courtesy of IGN.


"Make your way to the target's location. Climb to the rooftops of the building and clear out the roaming rooftop guards. With the roof clear, use a Leap of Faith and jump to the haystack below. Move up to the crowd of people and activate Eagle Vision to locate the target on the stage dancing. Wait for the guards to move away from the target and then quickly run up and go for the stealth kill. From there, fight off the guards or escape."


"Make your way to the target's location. Climb up to the rooftops and eliminate the rooftop guards. Activate Eagle Vision and locate the target in the courtyard. Luckily, the target roams the entire courtyard, so get within a nice position on the roof and wait for him to walk close to your range. Once the target gets within assassination range, go for the Air Assassination to complete the contract."


"Unlike previous targets, this one is located at the Havana docks. Make your way to the target's location and stand close towards the Restricted Area to get a good look. Use Eagle Vision to locate the target. He's roaming the end of the docks and is surrounded by a gang of guards. Going for a stealth kill will be a pain, so just run towards the docks and gun it towards the target. Smack the target and slice him down to complete the contract." 


"Make your way to the target's location. Climb to the rooftops of the surrounding building and eliminate the rooftop guards. Look to the center of the courtyard and activate Eagle Vision to located the commander walking back and forth under the porticos. Unfortunately, getting a stealth kill will be a pain, so jump in and fight off the commander one-on-one. Be careful because he's packing a pistol, so be ready to use the Human Shield option! Whack the commander to complete the contract."

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