Snow, glorious, fresh beautiful snow, is the backdrop for this pristine scene set up as part of an enrichment activity for the tigers at Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire, England. Of course Siberian tigers love snow, but this curious group had never encountered snowmen before. How did they do? They reverted to total kittens with their curiosity and silliness while enjoying the snowmen, the snow scene and everything snow.

These four silly Siberian Amur Tigers were rescued from a circus, according to White Wolf Pack. So maybe they never did have their kitten days, and probably never saw snow before arriving at the sanctuary, or least were never able to play in it.

Heads rolled indeed, as one swiped at the snowman's head then ran in horror as the head left the snow body. After a few playful rolls in the snow, the tiger is back at it again for round two with Frosty the snowman.

The genius came when Longleat set up several cameras, one actually inside a snowman, to capture the reactions of the funny cats.

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