A patent has been filed by Semenov Dahir Kurmanbievich, a Russian inventor, that could revolutionize the way we grocery shop. The patent video shows a grocery store in which you drive in and around. It's literally a drive-through grocery store. It's set up similar to a  gas station, reported BT.

Watch the patent video below, from YouTube channel Dahir Insaat to get an idea of how this futuristic concept could work. It's narrated in Russian, but the images and simulations are very clear and incredibly interesting:

The speedy supermarkets concept is aimed at "solving the technical problem of improving the quality of customer service while providing maximum convenience and choice of products, reducing time to service customers, cutting the queue time and lowering the time and costs from commercial enterprises associated with the filing and layout of goods in the sales area where there are buyers,"  Kurmanbievich said in his patent, noted BT.

Chains like Wal-mart and British grocery store Tesco have considered drive-through or pickup options for their stores, but it would work more like online shopping than a drive through, as you'd have to place an order in advance and drive past to pick it up, reported Forbes.

According to Kurmanbievich's model, shoppers would drive up to a rotating shelf, and using a scrolling button, browse through the vertically loaded shelves and grab what they need. Then they'd place the items on a conveyor belt and the items slide through to the cashier, where they drive up to pay, reported The Telegraph. The video also shows how employees would load groceries and keep the shelves stocked from an upper level.

The model would require sophisticated ventilation systems if emissions-producing cars were to be allowed in, said Core77, or it could be limited to zero-emissions cars. Either way, the project is very intriguing and could be a starting point for changing the way the world shops.