You can now have your face appear on your favorite Lego character, thanks to an online company. Funky 3D Faces has offered to create a 3-D Lego head that stands more than a half inch based on photos of your face, according to CNET. The company requests you send them a photo of the front of your face and one of the side.

The heads will be made using a 3-D printer and will be printed on a sandstone material, according to Discovery. There will be a hole at the neck of the head, which will allow you to attach it to any Lego body you wish. Heads will not have the ability to change hairstyles or wear hats but the seller offers to design it with any hairstyle you choose.

The company charges about USD30. The head takes about two weeks to make and will be sent out from the United Kingdom. Funky 3D Faces has offered a three-for-two deal for the rest of the month. The company also sells cake toppers and magnets.