Who knew that Lego could make the apocalypse seem so cool? 

George Miller's long-awaited sequel to the "Mad Max" movie francise has made a major dent in the box office over the last two weeks. Critics and viewers allike are loving the film, so it only makes sense that it's awesome vehicles would get the Lego treament. 

Blogger Kotaku has discovered that a Lego builder called Will has built some of the baddass vehicles from "Fury Road" and posted them to his Flickr gallery. 

The "Princess" – the War Rig that Furiosa (played by Charlize Theron) drove. 

The Gigahorse – the slightly modified version of a 1959 Caddilac that Immortan Joe drove. It appears that Will used the Lego version of the Ecto-1 (from Ghostbusters) to build this amazing vehicle. 

The vehicle that's attracting most fan attention: the Doof Wagon. 

You can view Will's full gallery of creations here