The World of Warcraft is finally settling down following the release of its latest expansion pack "The Mists of Panderia." With players settling into their end-level groove in the new Japanese-inspired theme, Blizzard is looking ahead on the horizon for what comes next.

The next "World of Warcraft" expansion may have a new title. According to MMO-Champion, Blizzard has placed a patent trademark on "Warlords of Draenor."

According to IGN, the filing covers things like computer game software, computer game discs and downloadable computer game software. The company has also gone as far as to register the domain name about a month ago.

The last time the city of Draenor and its inhabitants, the new alliance race the Draenei, were heavily featured in Azeroth was in their introduction after the first expansion pack, "The Burning Crusade." Many believe the "Burning Crusade" expansion was the highlight of World of Warcraft's expansion career. It tied in the villain Illidan, a demon from the series from back before it was an MMORPG and was a simple real-time strategy.

IGN notes that Blizzard was previously rumored to have registered a trademark for a game called "The Dark Below." Unfortunately for gamers and fans of the franchise, that turned out to be a hoax. As a result, it's hard to take this patent filing one hundred percent seriously.

However, hoax or not, the patent filing is very real. What we don't know is if Warlords of Draenor is a simple add on or if it will be a full blown expansion. All questions will probably be answered during BlizzCon, where the developer has previously teased that the company will be making more World of Warcraft-related announcements. BlizzCon will run from November 8-9. With the convention right around the corner, it would make sense for the company to tease something right around now.