"World of Warcraft" is by far one of the most popular computer games that has ever been released.   It was not too much of a surprise when Legendary Entertainment announced a movie adaptation, and now they have found their leading man.

The "Warcraft" movie will star Travis Fimmel, best known as the lead of History Channel's "Vikings," Variety reports.  According to Variety sources, the pre-production crew is looking into casting three more leads for the film.

"Duncan Jones ("Source Code") will direct the "Worldcraft" feature from a script by Charles Leavitt. Paula Patton is in talks to co-star and Colin Farrell also has an offer but his deal is not as far along," Variety reports.  "Details on the plot or the character Fimmel will play are still unknown. Based on the Blizzard Entertainment game World of Warcraft,' studios have been trying for some time to get this adaptation off the ground with Sam Raimi at one point attached to direct."

According to multiple reports, the project was allegedly given a $100 million budget, so bringing on actors like Farrell and Patton isn't a stretch. 

"I'm told that Paula Patton is negotiating for a lead role and that another lead has been offered to Colin Farrell," Deadline reports.  "I'm not sure that Farrell is going to make a deal - sources said it's 50/50 - and Jones is testing other actors for the major roles."

Filming will reportedly begin January 2014.  Deadline also speculated as to where production for the video game movie may be take place.

"The role-playing game takes place in a medieval-like setting where players control avatars that take on gryphons, dragons, zombies, werewolves and elves. Time travel and alien worlds also are part of the mix," according to Deadline.  "The project is one of Legendary's biggest and was supposed to be made at Warner Bros. Since Thomas Tull's financing/production company moved over to Universal Pictures, I expect the film to be located there as well."

Do you think Travis Fimmel is a good addition to the movie's cast?  Would you like to see Paula Patton and Colin Farrell in the film?  Tell us what you think below!