During episode three of FYI's reality TV social experiment "Married at First Sight," reality set in for the three arranged couples as they each spent their first nights together and embarked on their honeymoons. Vanessa Nelson was off-put by her husband Tres Russell's playboy past, Ashley Doherty warmed up to her husband David Norton, and Samantha Role admitted that she isn't physically attracted to her husband Neil Bowlus.

Tres & Vanessa

Although Tres Russell and Vanessa Nelson had the best chemistry of the three couples during their wedding ceremony and reception, Nelson still said that she was nervous about spending her first night alone with Russell. But Nelson ultimately decided not to consummate their marriage on the first night, a decision that Russell respected. After brunch with Russell's family the next day, they set off for their honeymoon in St. John. During a relaxing moment on the beach, Russell opened up to Nelson about his dating history and Nelson was off-put by her husband's former playboy ways. "I don't wanna judge his past, but my concern is that he's just not ready for marriage," Nelson told the cameras.

Neil & Sam

Samantha Role's exchanges with her husband Neil Bowlus have been nothing but awkward, but even more so during the couple's first night together. Role was adamant about not consummating her marriage to Bowlus on the first night because she isn't physically attracted to him. She said that she respected Bowlus enough to be honest with him and before they left for their honeymoon in St. Croix, she told him bluntly that she did not find him attractive, but he took it in stride. Role said she was determined to stay committed to her marriage though, and she even overcame her fear of sharks and joined Bowlus on a snorkeling excursion. She had a hard time keeping up as Bowlus swam ahead of her, not bothering to check up on his new wife. Role said that if Bowlus made an effort to help her, it would have helped him become more attractive.

Ashley & David

Ashley Doherty wasn't physically attracted to her husband David Norton right off the bat, but she grew more comfortable with him at their wedding reception. Norton won her over with his sense of humor and ability to make her laugh, but the couple did not consummate their marriage on the first night. The couple spent their honeymoon in Phoenix, Ariz. and went on a bike ride together. They laughed and shared memories from their childhoods during their bike ride and had a romantic dinner for two. During the dinner, they were playfully flirting with each other and Doherty pushed Norton to taste a chilled pea soup. As a vegetarian, Doherty appreciated that her husband was willing to try new foods that are outside of his comfort zone, and she also appreciated that Norton is patient with her as she works on opening up to him. "I like that I feel no pressure," she told the cameras.