Pebble's smartwatch just got a lot more useful. The smartwatch has recently added an update to its software which introduces Pebble Health, according to Engadget. The new feature allows for up-to-date fitness tracking, which includes the counting of steps, the monitoring of sleep, and fitness alerts.

Known for its long battery life and constantly-lit screen, the new update brings the watches into the 21st century, according to CNet. The latest update, version 3.8, allows users to set goals and track fitness performances without downloading any third-party apps that the watch previously required.

The update is available for all Pebble smartwatches except for the Pebble Classic and the Pebble Classic Steel, according to The Verge. The new update also allows users to connect their data with other devices and apps like the Apple Health app and Google Fit.

The update is available starting today, according to CNet.

Pebble watches also offer Timeline, which the new fitness app will integrate with. This means that personal fitness will not only be tracked by what you've done, but what you can do, and will schedule time in your schedule to be active depending on your calendar, according to the Verge.