This holiday season, there is simply no better place to give than to a homeless shelter. After all, being able to give to those in need is the very essence of the holidays. One place that would definitely appreciate your donations is a women's shelter. These shelters cater to less fortunate ladies and, for almost all of them, that little extra that you can give could help them in a really significant way, reported Here are five great donation ideas for those women who are very much in need.

1. Bras And Other Undergarments
Every woman knows the struggle, both in terms of comfort and in terms of confidence, of wearing an old and tattered bra. So, when Dana Marlowe decided to start a drive to donate bras to homeless shelters, she ended up being the harbinger of great news to a lot of America's homeless women, according to the Washington Post.

2. Hygiene Products
When asked which products they would most appreciate being donated, most women who rely on the help of shelters stated they need aid when it comes to the acquisition of feminine hygiene products. Thus, a pack of toiletries that contains the basics for a woman — or even her child — can go a long way.

3. Business Attire
Though clothes are common donations, giving away presentable attire is very much encouraged. Most of the women in shelters are trying to make ends meet and a lot of them are attempting to acquire a job. If you can, give away a set of clothes that a woman can proudly wear on an important job interview. Your donation's recipient will surely be grateful.

4. Diapers And Wipes
Most women in shelters are mothers and, as any mom would know, diapers and wipes are always needed. Though fairly affordable, these little things do add up until it eventually ends up putting a huge crack on a person's budget. Sometimes people fail to notice that children are involved in the problem of homelessness too.

5. Old Cell Phones
Though phones might get outdated really quickly, old models that are still working would be a great help for any woman relying on a shelter for help. They can use it in emergencies and in providing a personal contact number for those important job applications.

Giving is really one thing that taps not just into a person's ego, but into a one's altruistic nature as well!