Insult comic and "Queen of Mean" Lisa Lampanelli hosted North Shore Animal League America's red carpet gala on Nov. 20. The gala was a fundraiser to raise money for the construction of Bianca's Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center, a second-floor expansion of the no-kill shelter that will provide a cage-free habitat for its adoptable cats. Lampanelli kicked off the high energy of the evening with her quick wit and positive vibes, and Headlines and Global News spoke to the self-proclaimed "skinny bitch" on the red carpet.

Lampanelli, svelte after losing 107 pounds, looked stunning sporting a pink 'do with bright pink lipstick and a black- and-white ensemble that matched her dog Parker's outfit. Lampanelli told reporters she dyed her blonde crop in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and just loved it, so she kept it.

Lampanelli spoke candidly - as only the "Queen of Mean" can - on Donald Trump, her future in reality TV, why she encourages people to adopt and how her tiny dog opened up her heart.

He's a boy?

He's a little boy! Although, I think he's gay, which I'm really happy about because I'm really into gay marriage stuff, so hopefully, I'll marry him off tonight.

He's so cute!

He hasn't pooped on a rug yet! I'm so proud of him!

What kind of pet parent are you?

I spoil him rotten, but he hates clothes. He's kind of a nudist.

How has adopting Parker changed you?

The minute I adopted him, it just opened my heart all up. I was really closed off and now I act like a total idiot and I don't care. Like, (baby talks to Parker) "I love you so much!" All my friends are so embarrassed.

What is it about animals that instantly bonds us to them?

My thing has always been, I've never been very open and vulnerable with people, so the minute I got this dog, everything changed. It just opened me up and made me more loving. ... It's all because of him. ... He's made me a better person. ... I can tell people what I feel now. I can cry in front of people sometimes. These are the walls we put up and he kind of broke down a lot of walls.

Let's talk politics. Are you going to vote for Donald Trump?

Mr. Trump, I really can't comment, because he was my boss on "Celebrity Apprentice" and I just don't think we should let him be president until he produces evidence that the thing on his head is real. Because he wanted to see Obama's birth certificate, we should ask for a certificate of real hair.

Should he dye it pink to match yours?

Well, it's already orange and it looks like cotton candy.

Are you planning to do another reality TV show?

You know what's funny? I had wanted to do "Dancing with the Stars," because that's my favorite show, but they said they didn't want me to do it, because I had done "The Apprentice" first, so hopefully, someday I'll get so famous and such a great set of legs on me that they won't be able to resist.

What about a talk show, like "The View?"

Oh! As a host? No, 'cause you have to work every day! Honestly, I'm 54 years old. I like working very little to be honest with you.

You've recently gotten divorced...

The dog lasted. The marriage didn't. So it shows which relationship was meant to be.

Totally! My cats are my longest relationship. Are you dating right now?

Oh God, no! (laughing)

When you do, will Parker be part of the screening process?

I think so, because if you don't love him, we can't have a deal.

So, what can people do to help rescue animals and support North Shore Animal League?

@animalleague is their Twitter handle and they can donate or they can adopt something, but adopt something. Don't say, "Oh, I'm not ready." I wasn't ready to be a dog's mother! Trust me, I'm completely unfit and irresponsible. I'm comic that travels 48 weeks a year, but I make it work, so you can too.

I think it's safe to say you're an "adopt don't shop" advocate.

Oh yes. I always say, why would you buy a dog when there's one out there... I always say, why have a kid when you can just adopt a kid? People disagree with that last part.

What's next for you, Lisa?

I am actually writing a four-person play that is going to be out, I believe, in New York next fall - called "Fat Girls, Interrupted." It's about women with food issues, which, isn't that every woman in the world? It's in readings now. So, I'm getting it ready!

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