Universal Pictures and Focus Features are desperately trying to find a replacement for Charlie Hunnam who dropped out of the movie "Fifty Shades of Grey." Hunnam was cast to play the lead male role of Christian Grey but made the shocking decision to step aside.

Almost immediately rumors began circulating about who could take his place. Of course fan-favorites like Ian Somerhalder, Matt Bomer and Robert Pattinson crept up again even though it seems unlikely they will be cast.

The Hollywood Reporter claims Alexander Skarsgard and Jamie Dornan are the two front runners to play the troubled billionaire. This has not been confirmed by Universal or Focus who are still reportedly searching for the right actor.

A source told the website that the studios are also considering Theo James and Christian Cooke. As of right now, Dakota Johnson is still signed on to play Anastasia Steele despite rumors that she was also quitting. A source told Hollywood Life that Johnson was sad Hunnam quit but is excited to meet the next Grey. She is reportedly helping producers select the next actor.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal and Focus did add on a second screenwriter. Oscar-nominated Patrick Marber has been asked to do "polish and character work on the script." The source didn't clarify what that means but did promise that the script is ready for a November start date if the replacement actor is found by then.

There has been so many rumors about why Hunnam really quit. Universal and Focus said in a statement that his "immersive TV schedule" was keeping him from preparing for the role but it seems like a lot of people are doubting that's the real reason.

Sources told People magazine that the 33-year-old actor didn't want to "be like Robert Pattinson" and always have to deal with public scrutiny.

"He dropped out of the project because he didn't want to be typecast," the source said. "He didn't want the Robert Pattinson-esque attention that would come along with taking on this role."  

There were also reports that Hunnam got cold feet and didn't like all the media attention surrounding the high-profile gig.