Kpop fan alert! MNET's Asian Music Awards is fast approaching, and the polls have officially opened. This means you can now vote for your favorite Kpop artists and groups. Seventeen awards up for grabs.

MAMA, a major Hallyu event, pits fands to battle yearly to win their idols an award. This year's event will be held in Hong Kkong Dec. 2. Voting ends Dec. 1.

Big Bang and EXO are currently leading the major categories.

Artist Category

For the Artist Category, fans may vote for Best New Male Artist, Best New Female Artist, Best Male Artist, Best Female Artist, Best Male Group and Best Female Group.

The nominees for Best New Male Artists are YG Entertainment's iKon, Pledis Entertainment's Seventeen, Monsta X, FNC Entertainment's N.Flying and UP10TION.

The nominees for the Best New Female Artist are JYP's TWICE, G-friend, Woolim's Lovelyz, Cube's CLC and Oh My Girl.

The nominees for Best Male Artist are Kyuhyun, Zion T., Jonghyun, Jung Yong Hwa and CEO-singer J.Y. Park.

The nominees for Best Female Artist are Boa, IU, Ailee, Hyuna and Girls Generation's Taeyeon, who recently debuted as a solo artist.

The nominees for Best Male Group are Exo, Big Bang, BTS, Shinee, Super Junior and Shinhwa.

The nominees for Best Female Group are AOA, Apink, Miss A, Girls Generation, Sistar and Wonder Girls.

Genre Category

For the Genre Category, fans may vote for Best Dance Performance Solo, Best Dance Performance Male Group, Best Dance Performance Female Group, Best Vocal Performance Male, Best Vocal Performance Female, Best Rap Performance, Best Band Performance and Best Collaboration and Unit.

The floor-burning nominees for Best Dance Performance Solo are Gain for the sultry "Paradise Lost," Niel for the fierce "Lovekiller," J.Y. Park for the amusing "Who's Your Momma," Amber for the energetic "Shake That Brass" and Hyuna for the sexy "Roll Deep."

The nominees for Best Dance Performance Male Group are Big Bang for the record-breaking "Bang Bang Bang," Exo for chart-topping "Call Me Baby," Got7 for the chic "If You Do," VIXX for the romantic "Love Equation," Shinee for the edgy "View" and INFINITE for the refreshing "Bad."

The nominees for Best Dance Performance Female Group are AOA for the breathtaking, sporty and sexy "Heart Attack," EXID for the hot "Ah Yeah," Girls Day for the seducing "Ring My Bell," Red Velvet for the crazy and comical "Ice Cream Cake," SISTAR for the fun "Shake It" and 4 MINUTE for the crazy "Crazy."

The nominees for Best Vocal Performance Male are SG WANNABE for "Love You," Zion. T for "Eat," Kyuhyun for "At Gwanghwamun," Lim Chang Jung for "Love Again" and Huh Gak for "Snow of April."

The nominees for Best Vocal Performance Female are OST singers Davichi for "Cry Again," talented juniors Mamamoo for "Um Oh Ah Yeh," YG's soloist Baek A Yeon for "Shouldn't Have...," the Beyoncé of Korea Ailee for "Mind Your Own Business" and Girl's Generation leader Taeyeon for "I."

The nominees for Best Rap Performance are Gary for "Get Some Air," Dok2 for "I Will," Mad Clown for "Fire," Jay Park for "Mommae" and San E for "Me You."

The nominees for Best Band Performance are CN Blue's romantic "Cinderalla," FT Island's dramatic "Pray," Nell's "Green Nocturne," JJY Band's unique "OMG" and Hyukoh's soft and subtle "Come and Goes."

The nominees for Best Collaboration and Unit are Zion.T & Crush for "Just," Block B Bastarz for "Zero For Conduct," VIXX LR for "Beautiful Liar," Soyou and Kwon Jeong Yeol for "Lean On Me" and INFINITE H for "Pretty."

Special Category

For the Special Category, fans may vote for the Best Music Video.

Nominees for Best Music Video are the beautifully sensual "Bae Bae" by Big Bang, the refreshing and exquisite "4 Walls" by f(x), the danceable "Married to the Music" by SHINee, the retro "I Feel You" by Wonder Girls and the action-packed "Bad" by INFINITE.

Union Pay Artist of the Year

For the Artist of the Year, the nominees are AOA, Apink, Big Bang, CLC, EXO, iKON, Miss A, N.Flying, TWICE, Zion.T, Kyuhyun, Lovelyz, MONSTA X, J.Y. Park, BTS, BoA, SHINee, Seventeen, Girls Generation, Super Junior, SHINHWA, SISTAR, IU, UP10TION, Ailee, GFRIEND, OH MY GIRL, Wonder Girls, Jung Yong Hwa, Jonghyun, Taeyeon and Hyuna.

Union Pay Song of the Year

For the Song of the Year, the nominees are "Heart Attack" by AOA, "Bang, Bang, Bang" by Big Bang, "Cinderella" by CN Blue, "Ah Yeah" by EXID, "Call Me Baby" by EXO, "Pray" by FT Island, "Get Some Air" by Gary, "If You Do" by Got7, "Love You" by SG WANNABE, "EAT" by Zion. T, "Crush" by Zion. T & Crush, "Paradise Lost" by GAIN, "Ring My Bell" by Girls Day, "At Gwanghwamun" by Kyuhyun, "Green Nocturne" by NELL, "Lovekiller" by Niel, "Two Love" by Davichi, "I Will" by Dok2, "Ice Cream Cake" by Red Velvet, "Uhm Oh Ah Yeh" by MAMAMOO, "Fire" by Mad Clown, "MOMMAE" by Jay Park, "Who's Your Momma" by J.Y. Park, "Shouldn't Have" by Baek A Yeon, "Zero for Conduct" by Block B Bastarz, "Love Equation" by VIXX, "Beautiful Liar" by VIXX LR, "Me You" by San E, "View" by SHINee, "Lean On Me" by Soyou and Kwong Jeong Yeol, "Shake It" by SISTAR, "Mind Your Own Business" by Ailee, "Shake That Brass" by Amber, "Bad" by INFINITE, "Pretty" by INFINITE H, "Love Again" by Lim Chang Jung, "OMG" by JJY Band, "I" by Taeyeon, "Crazy" by 4MINUTE, "Snow Of April" by Huh Gak, "Comes and Goes" by Hyukoh and "Roll Deep" by Hyuna.