When it comes to smelling good, regular baths and using perfumes and colognes do help, yet experts reveal that it takes a lot more to keep you smelling good, as perfumes are expensive and can fade after a few hours, or deodorants could stop working, or your body's chemistry could go on the fritz.

Below are some lifestyle habits to adopt to help you smell fresh and delicious all day:

1) Maintain a good diet.

If you're fond of eating spicy foods or if you're drinking a lot of alcohol, your body's natural odor will reflect this too. "Eating well - lots of fresh food, including fruits and vegetables and clean protein - really keeps the body fresh and running smoothly, thus providing the perfect substrate for fragrance," said Anne Sanford, the founder of Lurk, a natural fragrance brand, according to Refinery29.

2) Groom yourself well.

This might be a no-brainer, but some people still forget about proper grooming. Don't be lazy with hygiene. Take daily showers if you sweat a lot. Use deep cleansers or antibacterial soaps and deodorants to make sure that bacteria, which causes odor, are fended off. If your deodorant has stopped working, consider going to a dermatologist for suggestions on stronger types. You might need to use Drysol, a strong anti-perspirant that requires a doctor's prescription, according to The Center for Hyperhidosis. For problems with bad breath, it may be time to check with a dentist for cavities, gum disease or low salivary flow, according to Men's Health.

3) Launder your clothes well using good quality detergents

Similar to grooming, this is also a basic necessity. Clothes that haven't been washed properly still have bacteria that could retain odors. Don't scrimp on quality detergents when you want your clothes clean and smelling fresh. Also, rinse your clothes well as the smell can get worse if the detergent has not been completely washed off. Some of the best recommended detergents include Ultra Tide Plus Bleach, Ecover Laundry Powder and Target's Up & Up, according to Good Housekeeping.

4) Keep your closet clean and fragrant.

Place scented sachets inside your sock and underwear drawer and spritz Febreze in your closet. "A formula like this contains ingredients that neutralize odor, but doesn't leave a scent behind. It simply evaporates the odor and voila!" said Mark Knitowski from Victoria's Secret, according to Cosmopolitan.

5) Layer your scents.

With so many scented products on the market, you can mix things up and experiment with a fragrance that works for you. For instance, use a lotion that has a similar scent to your perfume to deliver a double effect. Reapply and re-groom as necessary. In the middle of the day, take a few minutes to freshen up and reapply fragrances as needed. For additional tips on wearing fragrances, read Perfume: The Best Ways To Wear Perfume So It Lasts Longer.