When a tiny opossum baby was found on the side of the road clinging to his dead mother (who had been hit by a car), rescuers didn't have much hope of the newborn making it, according to Bark Post

Veterinarians were able to save the life of the little opossum, named Poncho, but without a mother, the outlook was grim. Such a young baby needed its mommy.

But along came Hantu, a white German shepherd with no pups of her own, whose maternal instincts kicked in upon seeing another animal so needy and helpless. As Hantu stepped in to fill Poncho's mother's shoes, said Life with Dogs, the unlikely pair became inseparable.

Now Poncho can be found wandering around the Rare Species Fund campus clinging to a new mom, Hantu, who is happy to have the loving company.

"They are both playing important roles in each other's lives," said Rare Species Fund's Robert Johnson, according to White Wolf Pack. "When Hantu goes for her daily walks through the woods, she won't leave the house until Poncho is securely mounted on her back."

Animals have such accepting souls — humans can learn a lot from them!