How we're used to cutting cake all these years is the incorrect method, according to Alex Bellos, a British mathematician and writer.

Bellos demonstrates a better way for cutting round cakes in his YouTube video, which you can also watch below. Cutting from the center to the edge to create a triangular slice will cause the rest of the cake to dry out quickly, so that by the second or third day, the cake is no longer as delicious.

Bellos said that he got the idea from Nature magazine - the 1906 edition - and insist that this follows scientific and mathematical principles. Cutting the cake as Bellos shows it will leave the untouched pieces unexposed to air, so that it remains fresh and moist for a longer period, according to IFL Science

You will need some rubber bands for this method, so have some handy in the kitchen for the holidays or all year round.

Watch Bellos' video and learn the perfect way to cut cakes from now on: