In the video beloew, rescuers that found a frozen wolf in an icy river in Italy, and jumped into action to save the poor soul. Wild animal rescue is dangerous, but their hearts told them what needed to be done.

The dying wolf, later name Navarre, while still barely conscious standing in the river, had a previous injury that left his back legs nearly paralyzed. He was slowly slipping away before the rescuer's eyes, according to Just Pet News. The wolf was completely exhausted and because of the frigid temperatures, hypothermia had set in.

When the rescuers got Navarre safely to shore, he wasn't breathing and there was no heartbeat, so they quickly moved into CPR mode with their rescue efforts, said White Wolf Pack. As the man stood over Navarre and tried to get his heart pumping, the woman tried to breathe life back into him.The video shows their valiant efforts to save this wolf.

As they continued they CPR, he eventually came back to life, thankfully, and after drying him and warming Navarre, he was raced to the Mount Adonis Rescue Centre.

Navarre spent several days in the critical care unit before stable enough for testing and a thorough exam at St. Michael's Hospital, according to Life with dogs.

Navarre's results show buckshot throughout his body, mange, a hepatic disease and infection, in addition to the root of his hind paralysis, found to be disc spondylitis. It was a long road to a semi-recovered state, and two full months before he responded to the treatments and gained weight. What a cruel life this sweet wolf had to encounter.

But it only took a group of brave people with kindness in their hearts to turn his fate around.

Watch the dramatic rescue efforts on this video and cheer him on as he comes back to life, a little love sure can do wonders to the soul.