Rockstar Game's newest title "Grand Theft Auto V" boasts a lot of unique open world features that players can experience during their time in Los Santos. From playing golf and tennis to visiting a strip club, there seems to be no limit of things to do to occupy your time in-game. However, like life, all of the best activities require you to spend some of your in-game money. This means that finding the best way to get money is key to enjoying your visit to Los Santos. Also like life, one of the best ways to make money is by playing the stock market.

The complexities of the GTA V stock market have been relatively underrated so far as people play through the campaign. If you're clever enough, you can make a gigantic profit by playing the stock market at the right time. There are several ways to do this and affect the outcome.

According to IGN's rundown of how the stock market works, the "prime directive" of the GTA V stock market is to wait as long as possible before doing any of Franklin's assassination missions. Given to him by Lester, these missions are meant to have a direct impact on the stock market. Lester will even tell you which companies plan to benefit from the hits. Use your phone or a computer with internet to access the money management and invest heavily with all three characters before doing the missions. You'll then see a huge and guaranteed profit. The longer you wait to do these missions, the more money you'll have to invest when the time comes.

In addition to the story missions , there are a bevy of ways to influence the stock market in your favor. For example, investing in a company and then damaging all vehicles and stores that the rival company owns will help increase the company you've invested in and have it see a nice profit.

For a complete rundown of how the GTA V stock market works, you can check out IGN's rundown HERE, complete with all the companies and their rivals.