As fans continue to prepare themselves for Ziva’s departure, they’re also probably preparing themselves for Ziva’s replacement Bishop.

Ziva and Tony did a sort of romantic dance for eight seasons, a dance that we’re not going to see with Tony and Bishop.

“I don’t think there’s any chance of Bishop being involved in that in any way. If anything, she would be deeply, deeply off-limits for him,” said Weatherly in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. “It won’t even enter his brain — and that’s another thing. I think she’s going to be very attractive, but I just don’t think DiNozzo will see her like that for even a heartbeat. I think there’s a level of maturity for him. He’s averse to anyone who would sit at that desk, I think.“

Bishop is being played by Emily Wickersham, and if you as fans are worried about her coming to the show, maybe some validation from Weatherly can ease your mind.

“We’re excited about is having Emily join us on these little adventures we do every week and seeing how she is in the world that we create together,” Weatherly said. “I hope the audience likes her as much as we did right away.”

There could be some fans who feel the same way as Tony. Besides the Emily Wickersham fans who watch the show, other NCIS viewers will take some time to get used to the new person sitting at Ziva’s desk.

Bishop is not the same character as Ziva. According to, showrunner Gary Glasberg described Bishop as ““bright, educated, athletic, attractive, fresh-faced, focused and somewhat socially awkward. She has a mysterious mixture of analytic brilliance, fierce determination and idealism.

“She’s traveled extensively, but only feels comfortable at home.”

Hopefully for her sake, she feels comfortable on Gibbs’ team.

“NCIS” airs Tuesday’s at 8/7c on CBS.

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