Samsung's bid for mobile domination has just gotten more serious, as it has opened a research and development headquarters at the heart of Silicon Valley, the world's tech capital. 

The brand new 1.1 million square foot site in San Jose, Calif. was built to the tune of $300 million. It will house about 2,000 of Samsung's workforce in the Americas - those who are working for the R&D, sales and marketing units. It is also a hub to the company's U.S. semiconductor operations. The aim is to facilitate collaboration among employees and ensure "more spontaneous encounters between staff, while also bringing nature closer to the workplace to increase employees' contentment and creativity," Samsung said in a press statement.

The new headquarters is also widely seen as part of Samsung's strategy to challenge Apple's position in the global mobile devices market. The campus is just a stone's throw away from Apple's own "flying saucer" headquarters, which is currently under construction in Cupertino. Unlike Apple, which favored a seamless, circular design, Samsung opted for a more angular, Rubik's Cube-like structure, noted Re/code. It has not been explained how the aesthetics relate to Samsung's products or philosophies, but there is an emphasis on the inclusion of courtyards, garden floors and wide lab spaces.

Aside from logistics and tactical considerations, the Silicon Valley headquarters is expected to help Samsung gain an added visibility in the tech world, according to The Verge. The company's brands are already well known among consumers.