While parents have the liberty in naming their baby, some enthusiastic moms and dads do get "creative" with it, which is why banning certain baby names in some countries have become the law. Here are 10 examples of outlawed baby names around the world:

1. Nutella or Strawberry. A French judge recently declared parents cannot name their children Nutella and Fraise (Strawberry) in the country, according to the Telegraph. The parents loved these spreads enough to call their children with it, but the judge ruled against the names citing it may "lead to mockery and unpleasant remarks," the French paper La Voix du Nord reported.

2. Osama Bin Laden or Adolf Hitler. Germany has disallowed names like Osama Bin Laden and Adolf Hitler, according to The Washington Post. Guidelines in this country state that the child's name must be indicative of its gender and that it must not lead to humiliation, according to another Telegraph report.

3. BRFXXCCXXMNPCCCCLLLMMNPRXVCLMNCKSSQLBB11116 (pronounced "Albin"). A couple in Sweden was fined for naming their baby with a very confusing 43-character name. They claimed that this was "a pregnant, expressionistic development that we see as an artistic creation," according to Boing Boing. They suggested the kid's name be changed to "A," but the Swedish court said no to that, too.

4. The @ symbol. China disallows symbols and numerals when naming the baby, but a couple gave their baby the name @ or "at" symbol, believing that it perfectly fits their child. The symbol is pronounced as "ai-ta" in Chinese, which closely sounds like "love him" in the dialect. The Chinese government rejected this, according to Mental Floss.

5. Tom. In Portugal, the common name Tom cannot be approved on birth certificates, but Tomas is okay. The Portuguese government prefers parents associate their children's names with culture and tradition, and abbreviations, such as Tom, is not seen as such. The government even keeps a list. "If one of the parents is foreign, they would accept any name as long as it's valid in the other country," according to a Reddit discussion.

6. Facebook.  A couple in Mexico named their baby "Facebook," but the Civil Registry rejected this, according to Time. The names "Circumcision,"  "Robocop," "Terminator," "Traffic," and "James Bond" are also banned in Mexico, according to Mirror.

7. Linda, Alice, Elaine, Sandy, Maya and Benjamin (Binyamin). All these names are banned in Saudi Arabia as they are either deemed offensive and contradictory to religion and culture, reserved for royals, or completely inappropriate, according to the Daily Mail.