This season of “Devious Maids” appeared to be mostly about Marisol. Next season will be about Rosie, her son and what we can expect to be a fierce battle with immigration. (Something tells me Peri Westmore has reverted to her old ways.) Here is my Season 2 Wishlist for Devious Maids:

No. 1—Another mystery

The Marisol storyline in the first season kept the show going and was a good blanket over the other mini-stories. Now that it’s over there’s a need for another story that leaves you hanging each week. It appears the Rosie/immigration story is going to be big in the next season but that doesn’t provide the same type of mystery and suspense as Flora’s murder case. Hopefully, Marc Cherry, Eva Longoria and the team can come up with something good.

No. 2—A New Marisol

I’m interested to see Marisol in her natural role as a teacher. Maybe we’ll get to see her teach a few classes and how she interacts with the students. Also, it should be fun to watch the “new” friendship she now has with Taylor.

No. 3—Rosie gets Miguel and only Miguel

Hopefully Rosie is able to beat whatever charges come against her from immigration. What Peri did was cruel, to say the least. I mean, a few hours ago she was raving about how much she liked Miguel. Now she’s trying to hurt his mother. After Rosie wins her life and her son back, she needs to distance herself from the Westmores. Hopefully she gets a new love interest because Spence and Peri are nothing but trouble.

“Devious Maids” returns Summer 2014.