It's not easy being parent, as most people will agree. Molding a young person takes dedication, creativity, strength and a lot of patience. It's a test of one's ability to be resourceful. Thankfully, parents can count on other parents for tips, tricks and hacks to make their life easier and there are loads of these on the internet.

Here are just some of the most creative hacks and shortcuts parents have shared that you can also use in your own household:

1. Forego the expensive playpen and use the more affordable inflatable pool. It's not just good for summer and backyard swimming parties with the kids. It can be an instant playpen. Use it indoors or outdoors. Since there are no hard corners, the inflatable pool is safe to use, according to DIY Fun Ideas.

2. Use a shoe organizer to store the baby's stuff in the car. Do away with the mess and avoid things constantly getting misplaced under car seats and corners by putting everything in one side and within your reach. You save time finding toys and other baby items this way.

In a similar idea, keep a shower caddy in the car. It will be handy for placing food and drinks from the drive-thru.

3. Bring adhesive bandages when you travel with a toddler. Cover the electric outlets at your hotel room with these to assure the child's safety, according to Parenting Hacks. With this, there's no reason to panic.

4. For a quick filling breakfast, prepare a batch of pancakes on a Sunday and then freeze them. Re-heat them in the morning. 

"Since I'm making my own, I can add bananas, walnuts, flax seeds - it's healthier and less expensive than the frozen store-bought kind," said Rebecca Rodriquez-Brea, according to Today.

5. Avoid messy drips when the kids are enjoying popsicles by using a cupcake liner. Instant drip catcher! The best thing is, it works for adults too!

6. If you have more than one child, place dots on their clothes' label for easier identification when putting laundry in the closet. The third child's clothes would have three dots on the label, for example. This cuts time and does away with confusion, especially if you have someone helping out else (like a visiting mother-in-law). As clothes get handed down, just add a dot!