On Thursday, the 2015 Seoul International Drama Awards was held in Sangam Culture Plaza in Seoul, South Korea. AOA's Kim Seolhyun hosted a part of the event and awarded Girls Generation's Kim Taeyeon the Hallyu Drama OST Award.

Upon receiving the award, The SM Entertainment singer thanked the Sones fan club for supporting her, All Kpop reported. 

"There are a lot of people who are more amazing than I am, but I've won an award like this, which makes me embarrassed. I think the song was more radiant because it met a good production. I thank the many viewers who gave a lot of love. I would especially like to thank fanclub Sone for giving me strength so that I could sing," Taeyeon said.

The singer had sung at least 11 OSTs during her entire career. She is often praised for her exceptional control of her singing voice, Kpop Vocals reported.

Taeyeon is currently promoting with Girls Generation, which just dropped the double title track "Lion Heart" and "You Think." The group recently made its 100th appearance on a TV music show. When the promotion for "Lion Heart" wraps up, Taeyeon will start to prepare for her solo debut, Hype Malaysia reported.

Taeyeon is also a member of GG's sub-unit TaTiSeo alongside Tiffany and Seohyun. TaTiSeo comeback is also in the pipeline.

Meanwhile, AOA's Seolhyun fashionably stood out during the awards night. Pictures of her in her white fitted long gown are making the rounds online. Following her appearance in several K-dramas, Seolhyun is getting recognized for her innocent face and perfect figure. Seolhyun's life-size standee placed in SK Telecom branches is currently making headlines for being stolen. SK telecom has stated that it has run out of standees.

Seolhyun just wrapped up the KBS drama "Orange Marmalade." The AOA member has a movie coming up and is preparing for AOA's Japanese album "Oh Boy."