SM Entertainment's maknae girl group Red Velvet awed fans with its craziest comeback so far, "Dumb, Dumb."

The challenging song highlights the much-improved vocals of Wendy, Seulgi, Joy, Irene and Yeri. "Dumb, Dumb" also comes with badass fast raps that the girls were able to pull off so well.

Set in a doll factory, the music video shows the girls as dolls being manufactured. The red scorpion hair styles were eccentric additions to the girls' cute, balloon-y maiden outfits. The other costumes involving big hair and oversized shirts with matching long socks were equally fashion-forward.

The bizarre dancing complemented the quirky upbeat music.

"Dumb, Dumb" is the title track of Red Velvet's first-ever studio album "The Red." The album will contain a total of 10 tracks. Dropped at midnight (KST) on Sept. 8, "Dumb, Dumb" got almost 700,000 YouTube views barely two hours after its release.

The girls will have their first comeback stage on the Sept. 10 episode of "M! Countdown," All Kpop reported.

The RV comeback was announced on Sept. 3 when the Red Velvet Official Facebook Page revealed an image of a red square captioned with #THERED. After a few hours, the name of RV's title track was revealed. A string of mind-boggling concept photos was then uploaded daily on the group's Instagram account - the most intriguing of which is the girls' legs showing out of a box.

Red Velvet debuted in August 2015 with "Happiness." The team is SM Entertainment's first girl group in five years since f(x). The release keeps up with SM Entertainment's string of successful comebacks this year. A month ago, Girls Generation dropped the double title track "Lion Heart" and "You Think." SM's other girl group f(x) will come back in October.