Chris Brown was slapped with a lawsuit when a fan claimed that he sustained injuries - specifically, a gunshot wound - stemming from a shooting that broke out during Brown's Jan. 11 concert at a nightclub in San Jose, Calif., TMZ reported.

Shots were fired in the audience during Brown's performance of his hit song "Loyal," according to the Wrap. Five people were shot, including 22-year-old Paul Briley, the San Francisco State college student who is suing Brown.

"This never should happen," Briley's attorney Richard Alexander told Courthouse News. "Brown's managers and promoters know that predictably violence follows in Brown's wake."

Briley is suing Brown and the Fiesta nightclub for medical expenses and damages for negligence and premises liability, Courthouse News reported. He claims he suffered nerve damage after being shot in the foot.

"Chris Brown was the talent draw at the Fiesta Nightclub and he controlled the terms on which he would work," Alexander said. "He can and should always demand security for his fans, especially since he has a full retinue of bodyguards right at hand to protect him."

The suit also cites Brown's history of violent events, the Wrap reported. In 2012, Brown's bodyguards were involved in an altercation in New York, and the most recent was the August 2014 incident at the Los Angeles nightclub 1Oak, which resulted in the shooting of hip-hop mogul Suge Knight.