Welcome the new season by changing and updating the look of your front porch. You don't have to be a decorating expert to do this. You also do to not need to spend a fortune on giving your house its new appeal. Below are some simple ideas:

1. Bring out the pumpkins!

The holidays of fall season are usually marked by pumpkins and you can use this as your theme for the decoration. The shade of orange is heavily favored during this time of the year, too, so you can use this as the prominent color for your decorations. Add other details such as leaves, berries and lanterns to spruce things up, according to Architecture Art Designs. Most stores are set to bring out their pumpkin-themed designs in time for Halloween, so you can start shopping for it. The pumpkins, by the way, may also serve double duty as planters.

2. Neutral Palette

If you don't like to go with the usual pumpkin and orange theme, then keep it simple and classy with a neutral palette like white, beige or gray. This idea will give your front porch a modern but inviting edge. Paint pumpkins in white, as in this photo example.

3. Add A Rug

Add a rug to your front porch to give it a homey touch. Choose a rug that is resistant to molds and water for easier maintenance, according to All You. If you're up for doing crafts, you can create your own fall-themed rug featuring leaves by following this DIY trick from Life is a Party.

4. Custom Design or Drawing

If rug isn't your thing but you would still like to have something interesting on the floor, you can draw or paint a design on it, using this guide from Hometalk.

5. Show Your Stuff

Highlight a special corner on your front porch. Add an interesting centerpiece for the front porch table, or set up a topiary, arrangement or ornament by the entrance to tie the whole theme together.