A set of Biblical gates have been discovered in what was once the hometown of Goliath, the famous warrior who was slain by David.

Gath was the most powerful city in the the Philistine empire until the ninth-century BC, when it was destroyed. The huge gate and remnants of a wall, recently unearthed by archaeologists, may indicate that Gath has now been found. The gate is the biggest of its kind ever to be discovered in Israel, according to the Daily Mail.

The Bible names Gath as the home of the famous Goliath and King Ashish. In the Bible, David defeated Goliath using a slingshot. The story is told in the Old Testament. The Philistines are enemies to the Israelites in the Bible, according to Yahoo! News.

The gates are at Tell es-Safi, Israel, an area that has been occupied for 5,000 years. Only the top of the gate has been uncovered so far. Because of its massive size, it may take many seasons to unearth the gates completely.

Scientists have been working in this area since 1899, but didn't realize the scope of the ancient city until just recently, according to NBC News. In the Bible, the ancient city of Gath was next to Judah and Israel.