Bubbles, a Dachshund born without two front legs, was given wheels to help her run around.

Owners Trevor Byers and Elissa Smoak were at first uncertain of what to do with the pet, but after some research, they built different wheelchair models. They bought a 3D printer to make their own wheel designs for Bubbles and finally came up with a perfect design.

"She gets around in her cart better than any other small dog I have seen missing their front legs. Up and down hills and running through thick grass taller than her nothing slows her down," Byers said, according to the Metro.

First wheel done with rubber tread but Bubbles is feeling a little under the weather so testing it out will have to wait.

Posted by Bubbles the two legged weiner dog on Monday, June 15, 2015

The 3D printed wheels are ideal for all dogs that have mobility issues. The couple is also willing to design and provide wheels to other pets that might need it.

"My wife and I want to share what we have learned in hope that a dog won't be thrown to the curb due to this simple disability," Byers wrote in an Instructables page.

Scooters new skull wheels :)

Posted by Bubbles the two legged weiner dog on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bubbles is one lucky puppy. She can even get new beautiful designs for her wheels because all of them are custom made.