Baby Asian Elephant Qiyo was born to mother Phyo Phyo at Planckendael in Belgium, as five female herdmates surround her, welcoming the calf with a trumpeting sound similar to how calves are delivered in the wild

In the video, the loud trumpeting of the elephants can be heard as the calf falls to the ground and the elephants touched her with their trunks. Qiyo's birth weight is about 190 pounds, Zoo Borns reported.

Phyo Phyo had a normal 22-month-long pregnancy, delivering Qiyo for just 15 minutes and nursing her in just a half hour later. She is protecting Qiyo from two other playful baby elephants, Kai-Mook and May Tagu.

The female elephants who witnessed the delivery will have a greater chance of successfully caring for their babies in the future.

Meanwhile, Chang, Qiyo's father, was not present for the birth, but the zoo staff will introduce him to Qiyo very soon.

Asian Elephants survive in small forests that are scattered across Southeast Asia and are listed as Endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.