Two days before Christmas in 2014, Emily entered the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya, much to the surprise of the keepers. When they realized why Emily was back, after living her life as an adult in the wild for the last few years, they were "thrilled and amazed" that the elephant decided to seek their help, according to Little Things. They learned she was about to have a baby.

The former orphan soon gave birth with the help of her former keepers and a few other ex-orphan elephants around her. The keepers named the new addition Emma.

With some prodding, the other elephants helped the young one on her feet for the first time. The moment was captured by the keepers on video.

"Emily knew that in their company she and her calf would remain safe from predators and because elephants never forget she will always love and trust the keepers who have played such an important role in saving her life. Never could there be more tangible proof than her willingness to share her precious wild born babies with them, even allowing them to witness the birth of little Emma," the keepers said.

In 1993, Emily was separated from her herd in the jungles of Kenya. She was only a month old at that time, but she was fortunate enough to be taken in by a woman named Daphne Shelderick, who runs the elephant sanctuary, according to The Wildlife.

When Emily was mature enough, the Sheldricks released her to live in the Tsavo East National Park.

In 2008, Emily gave birth to Eve.

The keepers describe Emily as a "gentle and loving elephant," who now acts as the matriarch for her offspring and other elephants who have been orphaned like her.

Watch Emily giving birth and Emma taking her first steps in the video below: