John McCain Diagnosed With Brain Cancer; Donald Trump Sends Well-Wish

By Carie P. | Jul 21, 2017 08:48 AM EDT

Senator John McCain was just diagnosed with brain cancer and this was confirmed and announced by the doctors of Mayo Clinic who got directly involved in the senator's care. With this, President Donald Trump just sent the senator a well-wish hoping for the senator's recovery.

Reports were rife that Sen. John McCain has just been diagnosed with primary glioblastoma. It was found out that this is one type of brain tumor which the doctors of the Mayo Clinic shared to CNN exclusively.

Last Friday, Sen. McCain just underwent a surgery to remove a blood clot at Mayo Clinic Hospital located in Phoenix. The doctors who attended to Sen. McCain said that from the surgery, they found out that the blood clot is associated to the presence of brain cancer.

It was reported that glioblastoma is an aggressive tumor which is being developed in the tissue of the brain as well as in the spinal cord. During Senator McCain's surgery, a pathologist was also there which lasted for approximately four hours. But after the operation, the brain scan showed that the tissue which has been causing the problem has been removed entirely.

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After the said operation, it was claimed that Sen. John McCain is recovering fast and well. Even before and after the operation, the said senator did not show any indication of neurological problems. He is currently recovering at his home in Arizona.

Meanwhile, Sen. John McCain's family is thinking of seeking treatment options which might include chemotherapy and radiation. Prior to the diagnosis, the senator has been very cooperative for his scheduled exams every four months for skin checks since he has a history of skin cancer. The doctors just discovered the blood clot when the senator underwent physical exam the previous week.

But prior to the diagnosis of the disease, the doctor shared that Sen. John McCain relayed to then that he felt foggy and not as sharp as he is normally is. He also added that he experienced intermittent double vision. Because of this, the doctors were quick to conduct a CT scan to the senator.

Then after this news came out, President Donald Trump released a message saying that the senator has always been a fighter. With this, he sent his thoughts and prayers to Senator John McCain and his entire family.

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